From 11 to 13 September, Peru was the guest of honour at the Omnivore food festival!

The Omnivore culinary festival is the food event of the season.

During a 3-day event at the Parc Floral de Paris, nearly 200 guests from the global culinary sector hosted the 16th edition of the Omnivore Food Festival.

The programme included 120 masterclasses and round tables spread over 5 stages.

The programme also included the Foodcourt, where 30 chefs gave food and drink in street food mode, on the occasion of Fucking Dinners.

Peruvian gastronomy in the spotlight

At the Omnivore Food Festival, private and professional visitors were able to enjoy tastings, demonstrations and exchanges about territories, know-how and products with passionate chefs and producers.

Two of the most important Peruvian chefs were present at the festival.

They were Pia León, elected best chef in the world this year and Virgilio Martinez, chef of the CENTRAL restaurant (5th position in the list of the 50’Best Restaurants).

They each presented a masterclass on the Main Stage.

On the Liquid Stage, Aaron Diaz, bartender and owner of the Carnaval bar, which is listed as one of the 50 best bars in the world, presented his signature cocktails all the way to the main stage. He presented his signature cocktails while highlighting Pisco.
Also present was bartender Christophe Pluvinage, owner of the Pisco Bar in Paris, who gave a presentation on the Pisco Spirit of Peru.

The starred chef Carlos Camino, owner of the Miraflores restaurant in Lyon with Santiago Paz, representative of the Norandino cooperative were present on the Artisans stage.

On Saturday 11 September, the public could eat at the Corners Chefs with pallets from emblematic restaurants with official Country Brand licences: Picaflor with its Chef Lourdes Pluvinage and MacchuPisko with its Chef José Cervantes.

On the Peru stand there was the presence of Veronica Moreno, the chef of the Peruvian street food restaurant Krioya, located in Lyon, who was able to make the visitors taste her ceviche.

Presentation and tasting of Shanantina products

Our presence at the fair was an opportunity to present Sacha Inchi oil and snacks to the public and professionals.

All the visitors were won over by the flavours of the oil and the different tastes of the snacks.

The products made from Sacha Inchi are still little known by the French public, so it is important for Shanantina to be present to make Sacha Inchi known and to communicate about the culinary possibilities that are opening up with these new ingredients.

The organisation of this booth was carried out by the support organisation for Peruvian exporting companies: PromPeru

Thanks to Ms. Rosario Pajuelo Escobar, director of PROMPERU in France and Ms. Gabriella Dañino Martínez for this perfect organisation.

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